Image Masking Service

Image Masking Service

admin 28 Mon, 2019

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Photoshop Image Masking Service Categories:

High-quality handbook Photoshop through hand. Masks are applied without delay to layer the usage of cushy & delicate edge with a pen tablet. Use it to remove background or isolate the item. Price would possibly vary based on complexity & time needed.


Separating an object from the background, we reserve it as Alpha Channel to edit brightness, distinction, exposure, etc. later. Its report size is lighter for importing/downloading. The unmarried colored background is highest for this picture overlaying.

Fur & Hair Masking:

Separate hair & fur from the background, pen pill for a soft edge, and so on. If needed, we practice colour, brightness, contrast, publicity correction, etc. to make objects natural. Photo Masking is more practical than clipping path on hair.

Translucent Object Masking:

Sunglasses, frosted glass & paper, plastic bottle, fabrics like muslin, bridal veil, etc. are translucent objects with 5%-100% opacity get the service. Little light pass through the objects & images are fuzzy to identify.