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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:

Image Copyright

All images sent to Clipping Path Perfectionist.com by way of customers are treated as the clients’ property. We never claim ownership to any photos which are submitted thru any transmission channels including, however now not limited to, cloud storehouse, electronic mail or FTP account.

We don’t expose your photos to search engines or any other discovery methods. We use secured cloud servers and FTP accounts for exchanging photo information. We also have strict file sharing protocol inside of our workplace, which allows us to block photo transfers from our employees additionally. Therefore, your images are solely used in-house with strictly control measures.

Your photos are very much secure with us. However, if we need to use any or part of your photos as a portfolio, we will by no means post it without your prior consent.

User Information Collection

Clipping Path Perfectionist.com obtains simplest explicit and personalized data on its website visitors when such information is provided voluntarily. CPP is not going to forcefully ask you to opt-in to any of our e-mail list.

The user data including with touch information, buying behavior, fee behavior, etc. is simply utilized by Clipping Path Perfectionist (CPP). We don’t sell or reveal personal information to any third-party. However, for the aim of revealing customized advertisements and gives via through online web advertising, we may use the user data. But, most of the promoting platforms we use are secured and don’t disclose your emails every other party’s.

CPP has security features in position for shielding data conveyed during a visitor’s purchase. Our employees are required to offer protection to the privacy of such data. We want our visitors and customers to really feel that their privacy could be safe when visitor get entry to their account or purchase services from CPP. Because CPP wants accuracy in the information it obtains and makes use of about its visitors and customers, CPP will try to verify its knowledge and can ask its clients to inform it of any inaccuracies or errors of which they are going to become mindful through their online account data and expenses.

CPP will not promote or expose your emails to anyone person third-party until approved by means of the visitor. In the case of advertising to specific email record, we may use your email and different contact information. But, most of the puts we host your emails and make contact with information for Online Advertisement are safe and secured.

Email Policy 

CPP does now not sell “junk” email, often referred to as “spam”. In certain instances, when CPP wishes to contact customers via e-mail, respond to messages, confirm purchases, or transmit information requested by means of a customer, CPP will use email.

When a customer or customer receives an electronic mail which s\he does now not want from CPP, the client all the time can opt-out from further e-mails. Please touch us at info@clippingpathperfectionist.com for this.

Cookies Policy

Clipping Path Perfectionist.com values the privacy of its customers and business partners and is devoted to abiding by all rules concerning the protection of personal data. We use cookies to provide a great experience for web components and assets. Without cookies, some functions of the website may not work properly, e.g. showing customized banners, offers, and videos.

Cookies are small files sent from our server on your browser. Cookies are transmitted back unaltered by means of your browser every time our server is accessed. The knowledge is used for gathering consumer alternatives and apply person traits and search footprints. Cookies do not determine you. CPP does now not and can not make the most of cookies to recover particularly identifiable data with the exception of if willingly provided by our guests. Neither are we able to gain knowledge out of your arduous pressure or transmit computer virus? Cookies also deal with the visitor’s identification while at our web page in accordance with your online conduct. Most browsers opt-in to cookies automatically, however, you’ll alter the settings of your browser to prevent automated opt-in.

We additionally use quite a lot of third-party cookies to identify customers and utilization behaviours. Third social gathering cookies are enabled each and every time you seek advice from a web page or interact with web resources. This is helping our crew and our more than a few tracking tools to identify the most helpful & fascinating stuff for you. Therefore, it helps us to recover insights on user revel in and allow us to take essential actions or corrective measures to give you the most efficient person revel in.

We also use cookies to deliver advertising messages and custom provides on different related web pages. Since we don’t spam your email, it is helping us to achieve you with our custom messages and provides via online commercial. You at all times can choose out of our offers and decline cookies at any time.

Privacy Policy Updates 

This privacy policy will be periodically updated to reflect this type of changes to CPP’s practices. If there is any privateness problems or discrepancy, feel free to email us at info@clippingpathperfectionist.com We have the ultimate respect for your copyright and privateness.

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