Image Manipulation

Images that need some extra touch to make the theme different than usual or something that is completely impossible naturally or something that means more than belief are the elements of image manipulation. Special effects with correction is highly required for this kind of editing. You should have seen horror movie banner or cover pages that something terrible is seen. Fantasy pictures have the theme beyond natural objects or elements. Thriller images have broken skin so natural but not real. All of them are actually done by image manipulation service.

What is Image Manipulation?

Image manipulation is a way of editing an image to highlight the main theme with some extra objects addition that changes real picture to horror, extra cute, fantasy, thriller or unreal. This kind of editing is done to focus the object according to required target. Avatar characters are good example of image manipulation where human face is changed to different shape, color and characteristic. As the editing is done for individual objects or human being, one does not match with another. If necessary, one character could be duplicated and changed into something different but if they are seen side by side similarity is visible.

Kinds of Image Manipulation

Like the other image editing services, there are some categories of Image Manipulation. By adding different objects, cracking the main object, changing view, smoothing or roughing, abstracting etc. editing are done by this. Selected image before editing and after looks completely different but keeping the center character theme unchanged.

  • Face transition
  • Adding different theme
  • Abstract
  • Color transition
  • Combining multiple objects

Face transition: Transition of face of a human being or any living creature into something different is beautifully done by face transition editing. Avatar is a good example to understand this one very well. So many horror movies cover pages are also made by editing with this type. More examples are available in the web.

Adding different theme: Fish is walking on foot; human being is swimming on the road or mermaid under water are some examples of this kind of image manipulation. Also there are more to go but in brief, thing that is not real but related with real objects like human being or living creature and edited as real is done by adding different theme.

Abstract: Object in an image that has different view especially with geometric shapes present are potential of abstract image manipulation. For example, a diamond with multiple color in one or lion shape fire is burning or one portion with some shapes like triangles, rectangles, circles and other portion a part of human being or animal. This is done by several layers in an image but geometric shapes are common.

Color transition: This editing is generally used for movie characters with science fiction theme. Human face with glowing effect, lions in violet color, blue colored land etc. editing is done by color transition image manipulation. Far from real objects but final image with a great theme is the perfection of color transition.

Combining multiple objects: Different objects adding in one theme that are related or not related with each other but shows a meaning, this is the job done by image manipulation type combining multiple objects. Human made of stone and tree, race between leopard and woman, tiger and deer drinking water together from the same lake etc. are the example of this type. Unreal but wonderful theme can be made by combining multiple objects.

Fields where Image Manipulation is used

Images that are unreal or supernatural are the main field of image Manipulation. Elements like human being or real objects are present but shows different than natural environment is the main objective for this editing. Widely used in horror movie cover pages, advertisements, publishing and web page designers.

Why you should Clipping Path Perfectionist for Image Manipulation?

Every image needs perfection whether it is taken directly or edited digitally. Bunches of experienced perfectionist with better sense of image editing is working to make your provided image look as you desire. Clipping path perfectionist is the one who gives the service that you will like even from the trial. Your satisfaction is our target.