Raster To Vector

Object in the image or sometimes the whole image is not always useable even it is perfect. In order to make it useful where necessary, it needs conversion. Raster to Vector is such a way to change an image according to requirement. Changes are required to make the picture capable like image to text, shape to sketch or improper shape to proper shape. Moreover, there are lots of software which do not support same format. Some very important software like CAD system, 2D and 3D does not support JPEG, GIF or TIFF and they need conversion to supported format as required.

What is Raster to Vector?

Raster to vector is a conversion procedure by which an image can be converted from its view to another view or one format to another. It is not limited only changing view or format in short but does a lot more. Object in the image is highlighted well, corrections done as necessary, shading or lighting effect editing, objects addition or deletion and more importantly perfecting the image so that it can be useful to its required field. Raster to vector is one and only way to do such editing, changes and conversion so far.

Classification of Raster to Vector

Raster to Vector is very much required to convert image according to requirement. Some changes can be made but especially changes are done by this. There are not so many classifications except two. Image perfection by adding/removing objects or shadow, highlighting main object along with text (OCR), objects to sketch required for CAD system etc. are mentionable editing are done by this. Conversion or image from its view to the format is something different than any other editing. According to conversion there are mainly two types of Raster to Vector.

  • Vector logo/artwork conversion
  • Raster to vector conversion for CAD

Vector logo/artwork conversion: An object of a full image is the main target for vector logo or artwork conversion. An image can be small and not enough to enlarge at will, whereas editing by this, the image or object in the image can be enlarge, merge, change shape or convert wonderfully. This does not mean editing by other options are not applicable. Except shadow addition, other modification can be made thru this. Adobe software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, CS are used for this kind of editing. It converts real live object from an image to created logo/artwork that can be remarkably similar to real image but with some extra perfect touch.

Raster to vector conversion for CAD: Now a days images are used to make things more convenient to understand what is meant. But to get a real output following an image is not easy at all. Widely used in garments sector or items that we wear, are dependent on CAD or computer aided design to save huge time. An image may not be sufficient for CAD system like Lectra or Diamino software to support. It needs only supported format with supported sketch of the item given in the picture. For example, a picture of a T-shirt cannot be input to CAD software directly. For this sketch of the shirt is needed and for the purpose the picture need to be changed to vector. CAD software can recognize very limited objects so that it can measure, curve, merge or make size wise perfect diagram that can be useable for work to minimize labor.

Applicable field for Raster to Vector

Well, as Raster to Vector is used for an image worthy to other greater purpose, its applicable fields are limited. Logo design is used for branding or signifying something that can be more in words. Converting an image can be used for CAD section to save time and also improve productivity. Though the fields are limited, it is an unavoidable necessity if used properly.

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