Logo Design

Brand without logo is like officer without ranks or flower plant without flower. Ranks represent an officer with honor and flowers represent the plant with beauty. Similarly, brand without logo looks like, something important is missing. If you look around the world you will find so many brands for various perspective and every brand has its own logo by which people understand its unique characteristic and value. Logo design is a difficult issue as there are billions of logos around the world and one should not match to another. Otherwise it will cause disobey of law. So creating a unique logo design is no less important than establishing a brand. Only difference is one based on focus other on quality. Clipping Path Perfectionist is the best solution for you to create your desired logo at will.

What is Logo Design?

Logo that represents a brand or company does not make on its own. People who are responsible for the company to establish around the world, need to gather ideas to create a meaningful, worthy, unique and attractive logo that can be the identification of the organization. By the procedure a logo is designed according to its requirement can be called logo design. Also it can be said, designing or making a logo that can bring a brand or organization to the people is logo design.

Classification of Logo Design

Variety of logo design is less important than purpose. Basically it is created to focus the product or services around the world but after that logo can be an identification for the same. Considering the purpose, logo can be classified by two. One is brand creation which represents a brand to focus and another one is for the company to represent the services. But variety of logo design is applicable for both purposes and that is why logo design can be classified as below for its creating procedure.

  • Alphabetic or text based logo
  • Object based logo
  • Text and Object combined logo
  • 3D logo
  • Shaped Image logo
  • Abstract logo
  • Raster to Vector logo

Alphabetic or text based logo: Logo that is created by alphabet or text is Alphabetic or Text based logo. For example, worldwide readymade garments brand H&M logo is alphabetic.

Object based logo: A logo that is made by an object is object based logo. Worldwide famous brand Star Entertainment logo is a star. For different entertainment services there shows some more characters to make understand like, Star World, Star Sports, Star Cricket etc.

Text and Object combined logo: In a logo where object and text both are present is Text and Object combined logo. As an example, worldwide sportswear brand Slazenger logo is made with object and text both.

3D logo: Logo that has three dimensional view is classified as 3D Logo. Now a day, most brand logos are made in 3D for presenting in digital media. Example, world's famous brand for mobile and computer, Apple.

Shaped image logo: A logo that is made by an image by editing with a shape where shape and image both are visible, is Shaped Image logo. This one is not used for brands. Instead it is made for company logo. A Chinese company Panda logo is made with such type.

Abstract Logo: Logo that is created by shapes or elements of the world to create another shape that is similar to an object or a living thing is Abstract logo. Browser engine Mozilla Firefox logo is a good example as such.

Raster to Vector: Logo that is made from an object and converted to sketch like sketched by a pen is Raster to Vector logo. Lectra Modaris software that is used widely for garments industries has such kind of logo.

Applicable fields for Logo Design

Branding and organization's identity are the main fields for Logo Design. Logo does not increase company profit, instead, it represents the company with identical and unique view.

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