Image Shadow

Shadow is a natural view of a real object in light. According to light position, shadow will be made. For example, if light is focused to an object from front side, shadow will be seen behind the object. Here we have Image Shadowing by which shadow is added several ways on image. Sometimes it looks so natural that you cannot be sure whether the image is taken from natural environment or animated by editing. Depending on necessity, shadow effect is added over the image. Generally, image shadowing is used for web page images or cover page of books calendar etc. But now a days, image shadowing is also widely used for photographers, graphic designers, publishers and many more.

What is Image Shadowing?

Adding shadow to an object of an image is basically called Image Shadowing. Shadowing effects are several from natural dark shadow to crystal clear reflection shadow. Depending on objects where shadowing is required, appropriate shadow is added to give an ordinary image an attractive look. it also gives an image a 3D view which increases acceptability. So, in brief, image shadowing is an effect for digital image which is necessary to give an impressive 3D look to increase acceptability.

Classification of Image Shadowing

Shadowing on an image is useful and there also need some things to take care of. As one single effect is not appropriate for every image, shadowing effect is not proper for every environment. According to match, there are several shadowing effects that Adobe Photoshop provides. In some objects require only one quality shadowing effect whereas there are more that need multiple. More than one shadow can be added with proper alignment. Unnecessary effects could make the image worse.

  • Reflection Shadow
  • Mirror Image
  • Drop Shadow

Reflection Shadow: This does not mean only light could be reflected. Any object close to the surface will make a reflection on the surface with different viewing angle. On a digital image this kind of effect is called reflection shadow. For example, in an image, if a stone is kept on an ordinary table, there will be no reflection. But with Reflection Shadow effect, the stone can be reflected in the image. It will be seen like reflection of a stone on a glass surface. By changing viewing angle, reflection shadow can be short or long.

Reflection shadow

Reflection shadow

Mirror Image: Object of an image can be duplicated like it was placed on a mirror. Practically, if we stand in front of a mirror, we can see our own image duplicated inside mirror. For digital image, this kind of shadowing is called mirror image shadowing. Image object will be seen doubled and one will be opposite to another. For real example, New York city beside water creates a clear mirror image on the water, if seen from ground level with distance keeping the city in front. As it is not always possible to get the environment for mirror image, it can be done by adding effect. If done properly, the image will look so real that it would be hard to determine whether it was taken naturally or edited.

Photoshop Mirror Shadow

Mirror Shadow

Drop Shadow: Drop shadow effect is the regular shadow effect which we find against light. For example, if we place a light focusing on an object, there will be a shadow seen on the other side. Likewise, when we need a shadow of an object on an image, drop shadow effect is added to make the environment real. However, the shadow should be short, medium or long, it can be done beautifully through drop shadowing.

Drop Shadow

Drop Shadow

Image Shadowing required sections

Image shadowing is required in any section for an image according to wish. For business or personal requirements, it is useful for an image to look gorgeous. When shadowing is added on image, it is kept in mind that the final edited image should look real. Sometimes it is not important but appropriate effect with correct viewing angle makes the image realistic. Image shadowing is required for web sites so that the objects are seen better. On hard copy this effect is used but they all are edited from digital format.

Why you choose Clipping Path Perfectionist for Image Shadow Creation?

Shadowing can be added by anyone with software but everyone cannot make it perfect. That is why Clipping Path Perfectionist is required. By the right hand a dull image can be burning bright. 2D images are looked 3D. Environments change with correct shadowing effect; objects are well focused. Clipping Path Perfectionistcan do all above, hence one should choose for best perfection.