Image Masking

Image Masking is a procedure by which an image is shown properly as it should signify. This is an editing process. Basically it is done to represent images to its full value. Widely this process is used for web page image, publishing, advertisement. Changing background, modifying opacity, merging, framing is common of image masking. As a matter of fact, image masking is done on an image to increase level of detail.

What is Image Masking?

Basically Image Masking is an advanced editing process for an image to focus the real theme. Similar to Clipping Path, image masking does remarkable changes so that an image comes to life to its full throttle. When a mask is put on face, it brings an extra look that changes an ordinary image to extraordinary. Basic thing is unchanged but viewable image is changed to glamorous view.

Types of Image Masking

Image masking is also known as filtering. When a filter is added on an image, it works like something is added on or something is replaced. Adobe Photoshop along with Adobe Creative Suit are very well known for masking with filter. Depending on masking there are several types that make the image vulnerable. Here are some categories to add filter or mask on images.

  • Alpha Channel Masking
  • Advanced/Complex Layer Masking
  • Photoshop Transparency Masking
  • Photoshop Translucent Image Masking
  • Photoshop Collage Masking

Alpha Channel Masking: It is kind of masking which is done by CMYK, RGB and some other custom channels through Photoshop. Basically it is handy for translucent or semi-transparent images. Objects in the image like glasses, smoke, highlights, hair, lighting, feather etc. are edited by Alpha Channel Masking. It is quite simple to save selected portion for large image where image layer creation is difficult.

Alpha channel masking

Alpha Channel Masking

Advanced/Complex Layer Masking: This kind of masking is required for hair or fur to edit. To perfect an image containing the objects, Adobe Photoshop has in built complex masking technique. Semi transparent and translucent images which are not quite easy by clipping path, are really easy by complex layer masking service.

Photoshop layer masking

Photoshop layer masking

Photoshop Transparency Masking: Photoshop Transparency Masking is used to move or remove the background instead of selecting the subjects. It is very effective and convenient technique when subject is required to use on different background. Widely used to change or remove background in need of selecting a person or product.

Masks of Transparent

Transparent Masking

Photoshop Translucent Image Masking: Translucent Image Masking is something special in editing. For this an transparent object is required and another one with non transparent. Only transparent part is separated, change opacity and put over other one so that the effect below is beautifully visible by transparent layer mask. This is really cool one. More transparent objects could be added according to requirement but in this place the more is not always the better. So this sort of mask is used technically to highlight an image look stunning. Over effect could be harmful.

translucent masking

Translucent masking

Photoshop Collage Masking: Collage Masking is also a special edition for image masking. Concept is very simple. The main job is to combine two or more images from different layers into one. There should be no edge visible when done. After transition effect the final image will be seen magical. More than one image combined without edge. Though it is animated but result is really attractive. It is also called the transition masking.

Photoshop College Masking

Photoshop College Masking

Fields for Image Masking

Fields for Image masking is quite similar to Clipping Path. Graphic design, web page design, advertisement, publishing, photography and in many more sections image masking is used. Different kinds of masking is useful for different purposes. Professional image masking perfectionist does the job done very well but those who are more confident than necessary, could waste your time and money but ends without result. Image masking can improve visualization of an image with proper type or could ruin with wrong one.

Why you choose Clipping Path Perfectionist for Image Masking?

This is really not necessary to explain why we should choose Clipping Path Perfectionist for image Masking. Details above are sufficient if you understand each section properly. However, this editing with layers by perfectionist is an effective way to make an image increase level of detail. Objects are highlighted well, effect make it more beautiful and for presentation, it brings some extra credit. You can realize the difference of an image before and after masking. You Tube videos will help to understand if you are new. But others who are acknowledged already, do not require more words about the importance of Clipping Path Perfectionist.