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Color Correction

Content of the image is not focused properly for less color; brightness need to be toned or color needs changing? We often face these sort of complication on images which is not possible to correct even after re-take. That is why color correction is required by the specialists who can properly edit the image to make it better than ever. Usually this editing is done on still images but it is possible to do on moving images also. So you do not need to worry about improper color on image when the service, color correction is waiting for you.

What is Color Correction?

Changing the color of the object or the full image to look better, leveling contrast, correcting brightness, changing environment, adding objects and lots of things are done by color correction. This is not simple at all, adding all the effect in one image but on the other hand it is not always necessary to add multiple effects. For the images where objective is in complex situation, color correction service is the best solution to correct the image to the desired one. You only need to leave the image to perfectionist and consider it done.

Types of Color Correction

There are not enough classification of color correction as multiple tasks are used together in one. That is why it is also called multiple clipping path. Though, considering different images there are some variations which signify types.

  • Multiple color path service
  • Multiple color correction service
  • Multiple clipping path service
  • Multiple color path with addition service

Multiple color path service: This service is used to change all the colors of the objects in an image together in the same equation. Correcting RGB is the primary editing which is effective for such kind of images. There are not much changes done on the whole image, instead color, shade, sharpness, brightness, depth etc. to get final result.

Multiple Color Correction Service

Multiple color path service

Multiple color correction service: This service is used on the objects in the same image that shows improper shadow for correction, organize the unorganized color of the objects, changing size or shape of the objects, correcting background by editing or even changing if required. To do so, experts need good sense of color arrangement, focusing objects on needed background and also adding or removing shadow when necessary.

Multiple Color Correction Service

Multiple Color Correction Service


Multiple clipping path service: Multiple clipping path is used for the image to change color of specific section, not the whole image. Specially for the image that has human being, is corrected through this option. Several layers are used to make the image look lively. Body color may need to correct but it could be left unchanged whereas other portions are changed color without changing the curves or shadow. Sometimes shadow needs to change in order to environmental variables.

Multiple clipping path service

Multiple clipping path service

Multiple color path with addition service: This sort of color correction is used in such image where main object is not highlighted well due to the environment around. Correcting the environment even adding different environment without changing the main object is the correction procedure for starter. Light effect can be changed according to requirement. It could be more bright or dull depending on focusing object. Shadow along with glow are added or corrected. Final image comes out gorgeous one from dull or imperfect.

Multiple color path with addition service

Multiple color path with addition service

Color Correction required sections

Well, any image that needs correction similar to above environments is the potential for Color correction. This is just a common word. Web page developers widely, in fact actually use color correction for perfection. Other sections like photographers, publishers, advertisers and also designers need this service correcting image to look perfect. Not applicable for each and every image but for the images where necessary, color correction makes remarkable changes that you wish for.

Why you should choose Clipping Path Perfectionist for Color Correction?

Unlike other image editing services Clipping Path Perfectionist already have, this is the most convenient way for you to get the best result could be achieved on color correction, by the people who are highly qualified and rich with correction sense. Whatever the image and however the objects are, you can rely on Clipping Path Perfectionist that you will not be disappointed from any angle.