Clipping Path

First the look then quality. This piece of word is applicable in each and every sector when you judge something for acceptance. This is no way different for a digital image for presentation. Clipping Path is the way by which you can change or transform an ordinary image to gorgeous one. It is a procedure, through which an image looks usual to better even best. No offence, it is really important to make image presentable otherwise it would be useless for this modern age to get complement.

What is Clipping Path

Clipping Path is a procedure by which an image is modified to increase its acceptance. In fact, to make an image look attractive it may need modification such as sharpness, spot removal, fine tuning, focusing etc. Clipping path is a very effective way to do all the improvements necessary for an image that brings to life. There are more to know about clipping path but in brief, it is fine modification procedure for an image which is necessary to highlight the main fact so that one should have interest to give complement or take the matter for granted.


According to requirement for an image modification, there are several kinds of clipping-paths. Every image is different for its capabilities. Focus point is the main issue and to focus different images, different kinds of clipping path is important. Some images are easy to focus, some are not. Some may be so difficult; some may be complicated. Considering various facts there are some variety of clipping paths.

  • Simple
  • Complex
  • Compound
  • Multiple
  • Extra

Simple clipping path: It is the shortest and very few modifications for an image to look better. No heavy fine tuning is applied for this one. Some simple changes such as background change, unnecessary image part cut of, few addition and not enough effect addition can be called simple clipping path.

Simple Clipping Path ServiceSimple Clipping Path

Complex clipping path: it is a tough modification for an image to look good. Various objects with different colors are the main focus for complex clipping path. Changing background, color shuffling, shadow adding or removing, object transparency and removing useless effect are done by this. Color correction, contrast and light adjustment, change view type are also mentionable for complex clipping path.

Complex Clipping PathComplex Clipping Path

Compound clipping path: Layer addition, modification, shape correction, focusing main object with other shapes, removing some part of the picture and keeping some part are the main objective for a compound clipping path. To focus a picture with main object by adding some shape/objects with several overlapping layers are seriously necessary for this type.

Super Complex Image Clipping

Compound Clipping Path

Multiple clipping path: Multiple clipping path is followed when multiple objects or in one object multiple parts need modification. This kind off clipping path is also called color correction. Background change, color addition with one or more copy of the main object adding with different color, arrangement or puzzling is done for the type. Focus is the main target. So it is not necessary how an object should be focused, in organized way or puzzling.

Multi Clipping Path ServiceMulti Clipping-Path Service

Extra clipping path: Extra clipping-path is different than others. Changing background, shadow addition, new parts placing, some parts removing, changing concepts where necessary are mentionable for this type. Color correction, change color, shadow add or remove and modifying the whole image to reach focusing the fact is also remarkable.

Extra Clipping Path

Extra Clipping Path

Fields where clipping path is used

It is hard to say where clipping path is not used. As it is important for digital image or picture, nearly unavoidable for each. Some pictured are perfect when taken or some needs to be kept as original. But for the others, clipping path is so much necessary. It may not be easy to realize before modification but difference will be seen properly after this process. Clipping path is used to make an image perfect. So undoubtedly it is required on every image for its own perfection.

Why you choose clipping path perfectionist?

Well, after understanding all the matters discussed above, there is no need to make clear why you should choose clipping path perfectionist. Though we mention, to make an image look attractive, different than other images with same concept, increase acceptability, drawing focus to the right direction and more importantly, making an image with appropriate concept so that it is capable for granted are the basic reasons of choosing clipping path perfectionist. Make sure you choose wisely or result and labor will mean nothing.